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When and where you choose to host a meeting is one of the single most important elements in drawing the most attendees and getting the most out of the time you have together! Below is a check list to help with your planning of a successful event:

Choice of Location -- Place and Space

Focus on finding a place in your region that is as centrally located or easily traveled to by attendees from all plants/local within the area.

  • The venue, whether it is at a hotel, community facility or other rented/donated space, should be in a city or town reasonably close to the local union host. Ideally, it’s near a glass container manufacturing plant, where it is easy to make the connection between the factory and the skilled jobs it provides.
  • It’s best to expect any potential participants to drive no more than a maximum of 350 miles to attend and/or have access to an airport that is reasonably near the site. The closer for most of them, the better!
  • Overnight lodging that also provides for a meeting room is preferred.
  • A local attraction or tour of some type can be a major plus for attendees.

Meeting Rooms and Lodging

Choices vary in this regard, dependent on the size of the community where the sessions will be held, and the amount allocated for any rental/fees required. But here are some common needs:

  • Seating for a meeting session should be classroom style, with adequate space for tables, chairs and any audiovisual set-up. Allow approximately 10% more seating than your projected attendance.
  • Dependent on the facility, the same room, a different room, or another nearby place may function for social hour and meet/greet functions. The closer together everything is, the better. It maximizes the time you spend together.
  • Be sure a podium and an American flag are available. Check with on all speakers on their A-V needs for presentations.
  • A local contact at the selected facility is important to making your work with all this easier. They should also be able to work with you on a negotiated per-room rate for lodging, based on a minimum number of attendees. Be sure they have enough room for a maximum number, too!


Allowing plenty of time for planning (and adjusting for changes) is crucial!

  • Set the target month for all meetings in a calendar year during the first quarter of that year. This is for both the spring and fall meetings, if you have two annually. Be sure to submit  this for posting on the GPI web page.
  • Begin contacting hotels or other facilities where you might meet a minimum of 3 months or more out from the target meeting date. When possible, use their web sites to do your initial research, and make a site visit to the one you choose if you are not already familiar with it.
  • When a site is selected and booked, announce it ASAP to the League officers and union locals. It is best to do this using both e-mail and mailed notices. Be sure and make your invitations to any elected officials and desired speakers at or before this time.
  • Send a meeting reminder, with any reservation deadlines and other information                 a minimum of two months before the meeting. Begin making arrangement for any food, beverages, prizes and other needs at that time, based on your projected numbers.
  • Confirm your speakers, invited guests and dignitaries one month out from the meeting date.

On day of, take pride in knowing that you have done all you can to a successful, well-attended meeting. Be sure and thank all those who helped you at the session!


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